Social Studies Links

On this page you will find extension work and links that support our Social Studies Curriculum.  This year we will be covering the following topics.  Have fun exploring.

Artifacts/Primary Sources

As part of our exploration of primary and secondary sources as they are used in the study or history, the students viewed a You Tube video on the Kennedy assassination.  I have attached the link for any curious parents or students.
The U.S. Constitution

First Americans (Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs)

  Want to play the Maya & Aztec MesoAmerican Ball Game at Home?
  Try this link:


Great source for world wide explorers and their tools (excluding Cabot and de Leon).

More explorers including John Cabot and Ponce de Leon

Mr. Nussbaum's explorers page

Simple outline of the Age of Exploration and timeline

Age of Exploration and Columbus, Magellan and Cook

Colonial Life

Mrs. Brurns has found the following game.  Have fun!

Causes of the American Revolution

American Revolution

Social Studies Links for American Revolution Project: (see resources section) (American Revolution Women)

Our Nation 

US Declaration of Independence webquest

Declaration of Independence Performance Video 

Declaration of Independence BrainPop video

Declaration of Independence Extension Lesson

Copy of the introduction to the Declaration of Independence

Too Late To Apologize video

Copy of the Preamble to the Constitution

School House Rock Video

Westward Exploration