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Math Resources

On this page you will find links to pages that support our Math program.

Mr. C's Classroom Decimal video, Line them Up

Kahn Academy:  A great resource for students and parents.  Here is a link to a video we show to kick off the year in math: You Can Learn Anything.

XtraMath:  XtraMath is a online tool that allows students to work to master basic math facts.  Like reading sight words, instant recall of math facts allows students to "read" and "comprehend" math problems quickly.  This allows students more time to focus on why and when we do math rather than how.  All students should enroll in XtraMath with their current math teacher.  A link to the site can be found here.  

Reflex Math:  Reflex Math is an online tool similar to XtraMath that allows students to improve their recall of basic multiplication and division facts.  My class is part of a pilot helping to evaluate this tool.  I think you will find that the program is very engaging and student focused.  The site can be accessed here.  Students have been given a welcome letter that contains our username and their password.  I plan on assigning Reflex Math as homework and for additional review in school.  A copy of the welcome letter can be found here.

Function Machines:  A big part of our current algebra unit is having students use their knowledge of math facts and relationships to "find the rule".  A great way to practice this skill us using an online function machine.  These two links are great practice.  I recommend using these programs on the Gr 3/4 level or beginner level since we have not introduced the idea of linear equations yet (ie. 2 X 4 = 8 is the same as 2n = 8 when n = 4).  

Function Machine #1    Function Machine #2