ELA / Guided Reading Links

Here you will find links to websites and documents that we will be using in ELA and Guided Reading.

Edmodo:  One of the most important resources we will use this year is the website Edmodo.com.  Students will use Edmodo to turn in assignments, access texts and learn to comment on literature.  The site can be accessed at https://www.edmodo.com

14 Goldfish Resources

Polio Comic  here

Upcoming Activities:

During the month of December my reading group with be reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowrey.  To prepare for this book we have watched a number of videos from brainpop.com on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.  We have also viewed primary source pictures and  video to get a feel for occupied Denmark.  The photos and video can be accessed here.

We have just begun reading the book Hatchet by Gary Paulson in ELA.  This is an outstanding 5th grade book that addresses the themes of Man vs. Nature, the power of positive thinking, and growing into adulthood.  The book also gives great examples of descriptive writing and the use of simile and metaphor.  A summary for parents can be found here.  

In class we have been working with different forms of figurative writing.  Here is a video quiz to test yourself with.  

Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis is the next core book that we will be reading in ELA.  Our introduction to the book can be found here.

Reading interest survey link